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3 Stars - 2 Reviews
John McSorley
July 31, 2019
At least I'm very disappointed! It's a joke to say this place is family-oriented and safe and friendly environment! I don't think so! I'm at my storage unit at my car in my trunk getting something out of my trunk! The management comes up to me screaming at the top of his lungs asking me what I'm doing why I'm breaking into to things! When I'm literally getting something I needed out of the trunk of my car! Never touched anything else! Then proceeded to threaten me with bodily harm! Then tells me I can't go on to the property until they speak to the owner and regional manager. I asked to speak to the owners at this time and management tells me, that no I don't need to do that! No! Well in fact I insist I do! But still 24 hrs now and no response! I'm also still unable to get my stuff out of my storage to ship which has now cost me money! If they have security cameras well then it would show that I was nowhere else other than the trunk of my car! Yet I was accused of breaking into things! What my own car? Do I deserve to get threatened with bodily harm? I don't think so! This review will also stay on until I am contacted by the owner and no body else of the Oro Blanco facility! I want my belongings out of there asap! I want a phone call today from the owner. And let's just be clear on this the only reason I was accused and threatened was because I utilized the other door on the other side of the building so I would not be blocking the driveway. This is exactly where I parked to utilize the other stairway. Then I'm sneaking around because one time I stopped to talk to my daughter on the phone and God forbid I was not parked in front of my unit. I didn't get out of my car at all during this time. This is why I was accused of sneaking around and breaking into other units when in fact my unit has been broken into and things are missing! so I would say it's management to be honest with you because it's pretty strange how my stuff is missing but yet the lock is still there! Maybe this is why they give you a free lock when you first rent a unit! so I'd be very very not even cautious I would be reluctant and damn straight just do not store anything at this facility unless management has changed and something drastic has happened there! All I can say is it has been one of the worst experiences of my life to be honest with you! Never in my life have I been accused of stealing stuff and threatened with bodily harm for being in the trunk of my car and then I'm not allowed to go on the property to get my belongings out! why because I have thousands and thousands of dollars in there and they have seen the stuff being brought in! Maybe that's why the ground floor unit that I reserved was all of the sudden not available but the one right in front by their office and entryway was! I told them that I buy and sell on eBay and I would be there often to drop off or pick up items. The only thing I can come up with for the reason for such outrageous behavior is they've seen what I have, and they want it! simple as that there is a lot of valuable items in my storage. never in my life have I seen some crazy stuff like this! This person was in my face screaming at me threatening me and accusing me of theft and burglary! I mean it blew my mind and still does and it blows my mind how the owners do not take heed to this serious situation of one of their customers! Obviously they don't care cuz I left a review on line asking them to call me and also here too and still no phone call! so I would really appreciate it if one of the owners would call me immediately! I want to get my belongings out of there immediately! My phone number 719-644-5754 and I don't want you contacting me by my email! I want to speak to the owner so you call me you don't email me call me! just take some responsibility for your management team at this facility! I want their behavior explained to me! What right they have to come up and threaten me when I'm at the trunk of my car? Accuse of me of stealing breaking into units and threatening me with bodily harm! Inexcusable! I expect a phone call today within 24-hours! I'll post another review to let everybody know what y'all did or get rid of this one whatever the case may be! Until this management team's is gone then this review will be gone! They don't need to be working in a place like this with the public and doing that to people! I'm sure I'm not the first and I won't be the last! Well the manager just called me back wanting me to come in to discuss what happened and to give me the number of the regional manager Eric. I said I would like that number now and unbelievable she actually gave it to me! So I will be calling him right now and will let everyone know what happens and what is said! I dont think anything they say will ever excuse the unproffessional, and inexcusable behavior of this management team!
Very customer oriented
stan Eggleston
July 23, 2019
The person at the front desk was epecially friendly and customer oriented....thank you so very much!!
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